Travel Philosophy Page

We strive to instill in each player a joy for the game, a commitment to teamwork and an understanding of the importance of good sportsmanship while helping players improve their individual skills. Players are expected to make a commitment to attend scheduled practices and games, to support their teammates, and to win or lose as a team. As there are often more potential players than there are team positions available, we ask that players who choose to participate on CHYSC soccer Travel teams make it their primary sport during soccer season.

Emphasizing teamwork and commitment serves a greater purpose than to teach abstract values. It is the best way to develop competitive teams. This is because soccer is a team sport and because games are won by teams, not by collections of individuals. Just as importantly, it teaches that success can be achieved by collective effort. It is not unusual that a college All-American started as a substitute player on a community team.

Finally, the philosophy of emphasizing sportsmanship helps to teach children how to handle themselves in competitive situations. Towards this end, we expect and insist that parents and other fans set good examples of sportsmanship through positive reinforcement of players, coaches and referees.

The philosophy of the program ensures that every child who demonstrates a commitment to the team will have meaningful playing time in every game. The amount of playing time will vary depending upon the child’s progress and the game situation.