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Rookie League

The Rookie League, primarily populated with players 7 & 8 years old, practices and plays on the Willow Grove Avenue fields of Chestnut Hill Academy twice weekly including Saturdays and some Sundays. Players are taught how to throw and catch using a Reduced-Injury Factor (RIF) baseball and are taught the proper method of addressing and hitting a coach-pitched baseball from mthe batters box. The players are instructed in the various positional aspects of fielding, including the catchers position, with an emphasis on the importance of learning their proper fielding responsibilities during game situations. The infield is purposely lengthened to 50 feet to better accommodate the growing physical ranges of this age group. The sessions are designed to include team-based instruction followed by a short game with an opposing team. The competitive aspect is purposely kept low-key while teaching the cooperative aspects of sports competition including reliance on teamwork and playing well. Players are provided with team shirts and caps. Team names are purposely based on nearby Double-A professional baseball teams to foster a sense of connection to the game of baseball. The Commissioner using previous season rosters and special parental requests when appropriate makes all player team assignments striving for league wide parity in ages and skills. Coaches are selected and assigned by the Commissioner during the Registration period. Coaches must be registered in the Club database through the on-line registration process, including background checks, before assignment. There is no fee for coaching and positions are available for all those wishing to lead or assist.

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