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Minor League

The Minor League, playing on the 60/45 Water Tower field, is primarily populated with players 9 & 10 years old. Players are instructed how to conduct themselves on a defined baseball field including proper warm-up procedures, practice routines and bench etiquette. Players are taught how to properly pitch a baseball from a 45’ mound. Players are taught how to properly play the positions of catcher, infielder and outfielder. Players are taught the proper method of addressing and hitting a pitched baseball. The players aren further instructed in the various positional aspects of fielding with an emphasis on the importance of repetitive practice in developing and improving their playing skills. The infield is 60 feet to accommodate as well as challenge the physical ranges of this age group. The season is designed to include individual and team-based instruction before games with an emphasis on developing the group into a competitive unit able to compete strongly as the season progresses culminating in a highly competitive double-elimination format playoff tourney in mid-June. The competitive aspect of baseball is purposely intensified compared to the Rookie League while teaching the necessary cooperative aspects of sports competition among teammates and the rewards of working together in competition with other teams. All players equally participate in the games utilizing full roster batting order and rotating field play. Players are provided with full team uniforms including shirts, pants, socks and caps. Team names are purposely based on AAA Minor League professional baseball teams to foster a sense of connection to the game of baseball. The Commissioner using previous season rosters oversees the annual player draft of players. The Commissioner striving for league wide parity in ages and skills may define the draft parameters and order at his discretion. Coaches are selected and assigned by the Commissioner during the Registration period. Coaches must be registered in the Club database through the on-line registration process, including background checks, before assignment. There is no fee for coaching and positions are available for all those wishing to lead or assist.

CHYSC Minors and Majors Baseball rules – V.4/25/13

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