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Junior Travel

Junior Travel is our highest level baseball program for players 10 to 12 years old. Travel team rosters are composed strictly by baseball age (age as of May 1st of that year). Chestnut Hill Baseball currently operates teams in the Rookie (10), Bantam (11) & Midget (12) Leagues of the Montco Youth Baseball League. The Rookie Tens play their home games on the 60/45 Water Tower field while the Bantam Elevens and Midget Twelves play their home contests on the 75/50 Water Tower field. The teams travel to nearby communities within Montgomery County to play other baseball organization’s teams. Players selected for Travel rosters continue their baseball experience but with the highest level of team success as the primary goal. Players and coaches conduct themselves in a serious manner at all times during practices, scrimmages and games while pursuing excellence as a team unit. Proper training and deportment is paramount including proper warm-up procedures, practice routines and bench etiquette.

Players are expected to learn and execute the finer techniques of all defensive positions including pitcher and catcher. Players are expected to execute the proper method of addressing and hitting a pitched baseball within the context of game situations. The players are further instructed in the various positional aspects of fielding with an emphasis on the importance of repetitive consistency. The season runs concurrently with the long standing intramural season, mid-April thru June. Most travel players in the Rookie and Bantam Leagues will play on both their travel Team as well as one of the CHYSC intramural teams. Junior Travel rosters are selected solely through competitive tryouts monitored by coaches and members of the baseball committee under the direction of the Commissioner.

The cooperative/competitive dynamic among teammates is now fully allowed to develop under the direction and guidance of the team manager and his coaches. Players understanding this dynamic will develop and be rewarded through the mutually shared experience of working together in a competitive environment to achieve team success. All players will participate fully in practice but playing time will not necessarily be equal. The Manager will solely determine all player roles. Players are provided with full team uniforms including shirts, pants, socks and caps. Travel baseball is not for every player, no matter how skilled, or every family. Earning & keeping a roster spot demands a serious commitment to attendance at every team activity.

Managers & coaches are selected by and assigned by the Commissioner prior to player registrations. All managers, coaches and assisting adults (18 years & older) must be registered in the Club database through the on-line registration process, including background checks, before assignment. There is no fee charged nor compensation offered for coaching. Positions are available for all those qualified and wishing to lead or assist.

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