CHYSC Futsal/Indoor Soccer Winter 2015

Please review the details below regarding the Indoor Soccer program, then click the link below to register.


You must register online through the Club website in order to be eligible to play.

The Club sponsors an Indoor Soccer program that runs from January through mid-March. This year, the program will run from around January 3rd to mid-march.

Our Indoor program for 2015 will include boys and girls groups /teams from u08 – u14, which includes players aged 7 (born on or before July 31, 2007) through 14 (born on or after August 1, 2000).

COST: $125

The fee this year will be $125 per player (plus Family Dues of $25 if not yet paid for calendar year 2014. Even though the Indoor Soccer program activities will start in January 2015, Indoor Soccer is considered a 2014 sport for the purposes of collecting annual Club dues, because sometimes Indoor soccer starts in December). Fees are due at the time of registration.

If you register but there are not the necessary volunteer coaches and/or sufficient players for the group and all activities for that age group are cancelled, you will be issued a full refund, including family dues.


The season will run from early January through early/mid-March.  This program provides instruction from professional futsal trainers in conjunction with our CHYSC volunteer coaches to help develop superior foot skills and high speed decision-making.  Each weekly session will include an hour of skill-building activities followed by 30 minutes of fun-filled scrimmaging.

Scheduled days can vary by age group and will depend on the availability of our volunteers.  Days and times are currently to be determined.  Venues will likely include SCH and GFS.

Some teams may also enter in futsal or other sanctioned indoor soccer leagues.  That registration would be over and above this registration.  Participation under the CHYSC banner in any league depends upon registration in this futsal training program.


Some parents have many questions about how age grouping works; please see the separate page HERE for all the details.

However, you don’t need to be familiar with all the details: when you register your player will automatically be placed in the right age group by birth date, and you will be put on the contact lists of the appropriate coaches.


Goals of the program are to balance skill development with competitive play, to be economical, and to be local (to minimize travel) as much as possible. While players (and parents) love the competitive play, we consider skill development to be of primary importance for the winter Indoor program, especially at the younger ages.

The Indoor program is structured around skill development and Futsal, the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA, soccer’s international governing body. Futsal is played on a hard gym floor (not artificial turf), uses a ball with less bounce, and does not involve playing off the walls. It is considered the best indoor approach for developing technique, game awareness and fitness. The smaller space also ensures that all players are involved in the action. Futsal has been at the core of the Spanish and Brazilian soccer cultures and the results have spoken for themselves. See Futsal video, About Futsal and Futsal vs Indoor Soccer to learn more.


The program will include training sessions / clinics, the majority led by an outside professional trainer. This education and focus on development is the core of the program, and the most valuable piece for any player who wants to improve their soccer skills. Training and clinics will take place primarily on Saturdays, but some age-group clinics will take place on weeknights. (Specific days/times by age group will be published shortly. Some age groups may be combined as necessary for the training sessions).


If registered in the training, it is possible to enter on a team through several local, sanctioned indoor leagues.  Cost for such leagues would be over and above the training registration.  Primary among these leagues is the Futsal league at the Germantown Life Enrichment Center (“GLEC”) located at 5722 Greene St., on Saturdays and Sundays.


Players are encouraged to bring their own balls to training sessions. The club will provide a link to purchase an official Futsal-spec practice ball at the Club’s discounted price, but a deflated outdoor ball (size #4 or #3) will work fine.

Registration fees will include a Club-standard reversible pinnie. Full uniforms will not be provided. Players are required to wear shin guards at all times. Indoor soccer shoes are preferable to sneakers.

Tournament play: Depending on interest level of the group, schedules and other logistics, the coach may identify competitive tournaments and enter a team. Tournament fees are considered an additional cost from the base program and are not covered by registration fees. Please note, if a group chooses to participate in the EPYSA “Indoor Cups”, the roster is limited to the EPYSA-approved fall Travel team roster.

Age chart for the 2014-2015 season:

Age Group Birth date is between:
u08 August 1, 2006 — July 31, 2007
u09 August 1, 2005 — July 31, 2006
u10 August 1, 2004 — July 31, 2005
u11 August 1, 2003 — July 31, 2004
u12 August 1, 2002 — July 31, 2003
u13 August 1, 2001 — July 31, 2002
u14 August 1, 2000 — July 31, 2002